Inara Erdmanis


Founder and president of the Latvian Moreno Institute and co-founder of the Stockholm Institute.
Clinical psychologist and certified psychotherapist. Special interest women issues, addiction and body psychotherapy
Board member and co-founder of NBE Nordic Board of Examiners.
Supervisor at the European Institute for Psychodrama.
Been training in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Sweden and Latvia.
Trained and certified by Zerka Moreno and TEP.
Born in Riga but living in Sweden since the Second World War.
Co-writer of  three books (in Swedish) and several articles.                                                                           
In her free time she reads, goes to theatres, skiis and listen to music.



Inara Erdmanis
Psychodrama Director T.E.P.

Clinical Psychologist and Reg. Psychotherapist


Phone: 0046702884545

            +46 8-24 24 43

Inara was born in Riga, Latvia but has lived in Sweden since the Second World War. She was trained and certified by Zerka Moreno (CP 1982) and became TEP by the Nordic Board of Examiners 1995, where she has been a Board Member for many years. She is a supervisor for the European Institute of Psychodrama and one of the Founders of the Stockholm Institute for Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. She was the Founder of the Latvian Moreno Institute. She has led seminars in the Baltic Countries and in Europe. She works clinically with addiction, sexual abuse, assault, incest and crises. She has been a supervisor for 20 years. She is a trained Body Psychotherapist (teacher and trainer) and integrates it with psychodrama.

Inara’s interests are travel, alpine skiing, theatre and politics. In her private life, she devotes herself to her adult twin daughters and grandchildren. She has contact again with her daughter who she previously gave up for adoption and with friends, she made through psychodrama and gliding.